Courage and Creativity

Maybe I’m just getting older, but I believe more than ever that it takes great courage to be creative. We become so afraid of getting it wrong.

I find that when I have worked with very young children, creativity is free, bold, and playful. However, the older we get, the more trained we are in thinking that we must get things right. We have learned from experience that those who get it right get applauded.

As a trained musician and composer I have many musical rules, tools, experiences, and knowledge at my disposal. Yet the one personal quality required for creativity that I am talking about most with my students is courage.

The personal quality I am seeking to display myself as I sit up late at night alone composing on my piano, is courage. I am hoping and praying that the older I get, the more courageous as a composer and artist I will be.

I am working on a new album, and I yearn for it to be full of courageous sound, lyric and faith. May you also have courage in your creative endeavours.